Alexander Stoddart

Making a Sculpture

My name is Alexander Stoddart and I’ve been commissioned to make this testimonial relief to Sir William and Constance, Lady Burrell
Alexander Stoddart Sculptor in Ordinary for Scotland

'My career was largely forged looking at the collections in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery where in the middle of the last century, so much of The Burrell Collection’s objects were exhibited. So it’s quite moving for me and a great privilege to be asked to make this testimonial relief.'

Watch the film of Alexander describing the process of making the sculpture, below.

The process of making a relief sculpture

It shows a double portrait of the subjects flanked by figurines one of the fine arts with her palette and one of the applied arts and he’s a blacksmith with his kilt on
Alexander Stoddart

'It’s a finished object, it has now reached its dead end; nothing else happens to it. But it’s a consequence of a long process of various stages over about one year involving my studio in Paisley, people from Wales, and folk away up in Nairn at the foundry, various transportations and finally, the team who erected it here at The Burrell Collection.'


Alexander Stoddart in his studio, February 2022

The finished relief

The relief is on permanent display at The Burrell Collection