The Burrell Collection Top 30 Highlights

Image shows Burrell Portrait of Edmond Duranty

Burrell Collection Top 30 Objects

Objects 11 to 20

Image of Paul Cézanne's Chateau de Medan painting
The Chateau of Medan, Paul Cezanne
circa 1879-1880
When Cézanne visited his childhood friend, the writer Émile Zola, he sat on the banks of the River Seine and painted Zola’s house in vibrant shades of green, yellow and blue.
France, Medan (place depicted)

Image shows Burrell Collection item Three-Quarter Light Field Armour
Three-Quarter Light Field Armour
circa 1540
This is an extremely fine armour of the type worn by light horsemen armed with lances and handguns. It offers excellent protection and allows freedom of movement in the fight.
Germany, South Germany (place of manufacture)

Self Portrait of Rembrandt van Rijn
Self Portrait of Rembrandt van Rijn
Rembrandt van Rijn was just 26 when he created this self portrait. It was one of the first paintings he made when he moved to Amsterdam in search of work.
Amsterdam (place of manufacture)

Image shows Tabernacle with Alabaster Carving
Tabernacle with Alabaster Carving
15th century
Carved alabaster heads of St John the Baptist were produced for a mass market and sold at a modest price. They were treasured items, made to assist prayer in the home.
England (place of manufacture)

Image showing Burrell object Two Tomb Guardians
Two Tomb Guardians
Tang Dynasty, 618-907
Ceramic figures of tomb guardians kept evil spirits away from the deceased. This one is a fangxiang in exaggerated human form.
China (place of manufacture)

Mosaic fragment of a cock standing on the border
Mosaic Fragment
1st century BC
Made up of multi-coloured stone tesserae set in plaster, this Roman mosaic of a cockerel would have once been set in a pavement.

Burrell Collection item showing the head of an Egyptian Queen
Head of an Egyptian Queen
18th Dynasty (1550-1295 BC)
This Egyptian queen is shown wearing a vulture cap with a rising cobra. The vulture was associated with the goddess Nekhbet and the cobra with the goddess Wadjet.
Egypt (place made)

Image of a valance which is part of a set on display at the Burrell Collection
This rare surviving Tudor embroidery was made for Henry VIII of England and his second wife, Anne Boleyn. The design includes their initials ‘HA’, acorns symbolising Henry’s royalty and honeysuckles for Anne.
England (place of manufacture)

Burrell Collection image of a stained Glass Window featuring Life of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary
Stained Glass Window, Life of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary
circa 1444
These six panels are just a section from the huge seven-window display created for the Church at Boppard in the 1440s. Much of this stained glass survives in museums all over the world.
Germany, Boppard on Rhine, Carmelite Church (place associated); Germany, Rhine Region (place of manufacture); Jesse Tree Window (place of use)

Image of The Wagner Garden Carpet
The Wagner Garden Carpet
Early 17th century, Safavid period
The garden design on this carpet is crammed with shrubs and trees, animals and birds intersected by water channels and a pool full of fish and ducks.
Asia, Middle East, Iran, Kirman (Kerman) (place of manufacture)